We are very happy to announce that we can offer our tours again, considering the Covid-19 restrictions. We need to inform you that we will be keeping the minimum distance of 1,50 m during the tours at all times and provide that all hygiene rules are being observed. We kindly ask our guests to bring along their own face masks. Source:
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Local guides, private tours or curated activity program
Groups size: up to 6 people for private groups
Tours: from 2 – 3 hours
What we do: personalized culture tours to explore Berlins urban life, cultural concepts and curation, research & consultancy, cultural immersions and offering deeper understanding of urban communities and urban change
What you get: a great mix of history, art, culture, political perspectives and fun activities!
Who we are: a dynamic group of vibrant Berliners deeply involved in the cultural urban life of the city, we are artists, creatives, speakers, moderators, tour guides and activists

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